Are Porsche 550 spyder Replicas Worth It?

The famous Porsche 550 spyder was manufactured by Porsche and first presented in public in the Paris Auto Show in 1953 and it quickly became very popular. It is very attractive because it is fast and very low grounded to race efficiently and it was manufactured with a 4 cylinder engine with a power of 110 ps at 6200rpm. Hans Hermmann, a Formula One racer from Germany drove it ferociously during the open road race Mille Miglia in 1954.

There are only 90 of this model, considering they were only manufactured during the 50s, it s a pretty bug amount. They were handmade, which means that there are not two alike, they may be similar but they can never be the same. In 2012 this Porsche was auctioned in Amelia Island and it was sold for 4 million dollars.

You will probably never be able to get an original, but you can ride a replica. There a lot of companies that have made replicas using the exact same components. One of the companies making this car is Prospect, and owners of the original spyder have ridden it stating that it feels like it should. If you like race cars from the 50s, you must experience the riding of this car.

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